My Last WordPress.com Post! Join me at Igniting Inclusion

Friends and loyal followers,

When I started this blog on a different blogging site, I wasn’t really sure why I was writing it.  I knew that I had things to say, especially on the topic of disability, and that I wanted an opportunity to write them and share them, possibly with an eye towards a later book.  Mostly, I just wanted to throw some things against the wall and see what stuck.

By about six months in, my blog posts, especially some of the ones on disability and inclusion, were getting more and more popular.  I moved to WordPress so that my readers would have easy access to social media sharing, well formatted mobile content, good hyperlinking, etc.

it’s now just about a year after that, and my inclusion work has morphed from a hobby to my primary professional involvement.  I’ve started an entire speaking initiative, along with teaching and consulting, which can be found at www.matankoch.com.  Much of the material about which I speak and teach I developed on this blog, and the blog has evolved to become the voice of the initiative.

To better reflect this, and candidly to better exercise control over content and subscriber lists, I am migrating the blog to a new home at the initiative.  Among other things, the new site is ad supported, which I hope will provide some small measure of financial support for the struggling initiative.

I am thrilled, humbled and honored that more than 600 of you have chosen to follow this blog.  Since I will no longer be posting new content here, I wanted to give you the opportunity to sign up to follow the new blog.  You can sign up here.  I hope you sign up and continue our journey together.