Starting a blog

Hello. Recently, I have been receiving increasingly positive responses to things that I have written. Sometimes those items have sparked dialogues on Facebook, and sometimes by email. In fact, people of been responding to bits of my writing for years, and pushing me to write a book. Is it is a project in which I am not uninterested, but the level of organization and level of content required are beyond my current capacities. I realized, however, that a blog split the difference on these issues. A blog has only as much organization as might be provided by the order of posting, and only the content that I care to produce. You, my reader, come to it as you will, and read which you like. I can spark comment and conversation, link other content, and share my thoughts.

This, then, is the structure that I propose. These first eight or so entries are things that I have written in the past which provide a beginning. As things occur to me, I will write them time permitting. Generally, I will them leave the threads to the readers. I will post links of my new posts to Facebook so that people may comment. I will follow the comments, and, if so moved, will either message individual commentators or write follow-up pieces as feels appropriate. I will try to limit my contributions to main posts so that a reader interested in my words need not read the commentary. If I have something worth saying to the group, then it is probably worth another post.

I have no mystical source of inspiration and very little agenda. In addition to writing what occurs to me, I welcome comments or personal messages if there is a topic on which someone might like to hear my thoughts. It is probably hubris to anticipate such requests, but I am open to them.

Enjoy the read. Feel free to link, and ask those who might be interested to follow. I look forward to meeting you in messages and comments.





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